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The Emissary movie on DVD! New release! Door County's own sci-fi comedy. If you love Door County you will love The Emissary.

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In this hilarious and heartwarming family adventure, the picturesque Door County peninsula in Wisconsin is in danger of being blown up by a worn-out alien power generator, lost decades before during the shipwreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Jim (Tim Erskine), a curious engineer and scientist, is beginning to learn mindfulness mediation, and drags two of his friends into the woods for a sunset “awareness” walk. They accidentally meet a mysterious spaceman named Koyper (Peter Ciesla), who has travelled to Earth from a secret alien-built colony of humans living on the edge of the solar system. His mission: DEACTIVATE THE GENERATOR BEFORE IT EXPLODES…but get in a round of mini-golf, eat ice-cream for the first time and drive go-karts while he’s at it.

But first, they must outwit a sinister oil company operative out to swindle the generator from the misguided farmer who uses it to power his dairy farm. Pascal the farm hand (Joel Kersebet), is handy with little calves and croissants and will fight for justice!



tender, quirkily funny, romantic, and techy-nerdy, with a dose o

If you were a creative type living in Door County, and also had the resources not only to envision and then write a film script, but to also shoot your movie, act in it, and capably handle the directing, producing, editing, sound, special effects and music scoring — all with extremely high production values — what kind of movie would YOU make? Rom-com…horror…thriller…drama?

Tim Erskine, the talented force behind The Emissary Movie, has made a film that appears on the surface to be very much like his own winsome personality: tender, quirkily funny, romantic, and techy-nerdy, with a dose of mindful living. This is a movie unlike anything else you will see this year, and that is a real shame. Every rural community should have a Tim Erskine capable of capturing its unique character.

In this just-released sci-fi thriller romantic comedy with a heart, an explosive alien power source is a threat that could blow up the entire Door Peninsula if not found and defused, and also leave a gigantic crater in its wake. Thank goodness alien Koyper from outer space (local fabric artist Peter Ciesla, featuring a winning, naturalistic manner) has just landed in Ellison Bay to save the day. Joined by mindfulness wannabe Jim (Tim Erskine) and buddies Andy (Paul Erskine) and Mark (Pat Palmer), the hunt is on! Needless to say, the plot is tangential to the story.

Peter, as a new visitor to Door County, cannot resist enjoying the Peninsula’s many tourist pleasures. He absolutely has to see his first library (Ephraim), play a competitive round of mini golf at The Red Putter, sit in the big purple chair at Julie's Park Café, and otherwise waste time that (gulp) should be devoted to finding that damn power source!

Spoiler Alert: The power source is defused by means of a clue, a rare isotope found only in Renard's cheese curds. And this casually rambling movie, with its unusually fine acting and of-the-moment special effects and sound quality, is a testament to a filmmaker with a unique vision and an abundant love for Door County.

–John Nelson, Publisher, DOOR COUNTY GO! GUIDE

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The Emissary DVD

The Emissary DVD

The Emissary movie on DVD! New release! Door County's own sci-fi comedy. If you love Door County you will love The Emissary.